Mission Statement

Our mission is to create value for humanity via electric, autonomous, and scalable robotic solutions.

How we’re doing it

We’re developing technology for creating autonomous drone swarms that are capable of tackling a variety of mundane and regular tasks. We’re seeking partners in the form of cities or other large property developers/managers which can take advantage of our scalable swarming technology.

With an all-electric fleet, we can prevent untold amounts of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere. Our cutting-edge, modular service design ensures we’re employing only the right tools to the right jobs. We’ll be capable of getting work done in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost of traditional labor-intensive methods.


What we’re working on

Our current prototype will be able to autonomously navigate around the jobsite. With modular add-on technology we can adapt each ground drone to accomplish whatever task is needed at the time. Later, we’ll complete our aerial drone which will augment and expand our capabilities, allowing for ever-larger jobsites.

ground concept + landscaping module
Quanticity aerial drone top prototype concept
aerial concept – top
Quanticity aerial drone bottom prototype concept
aerial concept – bottom